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The 2023 Bankers Committee FLPE Series

targets to engage SMEs using FRCN and online platforms. Participating SMEs will have a broader understanding of interventions/funding for the segment as well gain trending information concerning SME growth and value addition.

Highlights of 2022 Series (Week 13 Recorded)

FLPE Radio Series Recorded (Week Thirteen)

Topic Thirteen: Fundamentals of Nigeria Quick Response Code (NQR Code) and its impact on doing business in Nigeria 

13 out of 13.  #NQR #growth #africa

About the Radio Series

As part of the activities to promote Financial Inclusion, the Bankers' Committee Financial Literacy and Public Enlightenment Campaign will be a 13 Episodes Radio Series that targets to deepen MSME Knowledge on the sub-sector.

Radio Series




Target Industry Participation

Trade & Commerce, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing, Oil & Gas Transportation & Storage, Education, Construction, Professional Services, Hospitality, Power & Energy, Real Estate, Mining & Quarrying, Arts & entertainment, Wholesale, Retail, and FinTech.


Gain insights on how to leverage with New Innovations, Upskill your Business through Growth Strategies, Understanding how to raise Capital,   

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