RT 200 FX

Raising $200 billion in Foreign Exchange (Non-oil proceeds)

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In an effort to reduce exposure to volatile sources of foreign exchange and to earn more stable and sustainable inflows of FX, the Central Bank of Nigeria introduced the RT200 Programme.

The RT200FX Programme is an initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) which aims to raise $200 billion in Foreign Exchange (FX) earnings from Non-Oil Proceeds over the next 3-5 years. It is anchored on a five-point agenda with a view to raising $200 billion in FX earnings in the next five years. A major anchor of the program is the Non-Oil Export proceeds repatriation Rebate Scheme.

The rebate scheme is designed to incentivize exporters in the Non-Oil export sector to encourage repatriation and sale of export proceeds into the FX Market. It is borne out of the need to develop new strategies aimed at earning more stable and sustainable inflows of FX, in order to insulate the Nigerian economy from shocks and FX shortages.

RT 200 FX

Increase Revenue Inflow in FX

RT 200 FX

Increase Export Value

Objectives of the Scheme

    -Enhance Foreign Exchange inflow
    -Diversify the sources of FX inflow.
    -To increase the level of contribution of non-  oil exports.

    -Ensure stability and sustainability of FX inflows.

    -Support export-oriented companies to expand their export operations and capabilities.

Eligibility Criteria

Only exporters of finished and semi-finished goods are eligible for this incentive.
Exporters shall qualify for the rebates only, where repatriated export proceeds are sold at the Investors'& Exporters' Window (I&E).

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